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The relationship between basal cisterns on CT and time-linked intracranial pressure in paediatric head injury | SpringerLink

The relationship between basal cisterns on CT and time …

Basal cisterns were patent in 51.72% of scans, effaced in 34.48% and obliterated in 13.79%. Even when cisterns were open, more than 40% of scans had at least one episode of ICP ≥ 20 mmHg, and 14% of scans had a mean ICP ≥ 20 mmHg. The specificity of

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 · PDF 檔案able basal cisterns. There are questions to be asked in this regard, in particular, why was a patent ven-tricular drain not more productive, assuming constant CSF production, and still measuring a dangerously high intracranial pressure? Intermittent dilation of the

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 · PDF 檔案lesions and the basal cisterns (3rd and 4th ventricles) are patent Page 2 of 4: Edendale Hospital Department of Medicine – Lumber Puncture Policy IV. Lumbar puncture technique 1. Give morphine 10 – 15 mg IMI 30 minutes before procedure if patient is2.

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Basal cisterns are patent. Small-volume paramedian bifrontal and anterior bitemporal encephalomalacia, with adjacent mild confluent abnormal T2 FLAIR signal. Minimal confluent abnormal T2 FLAIR signal along the high paramedian frontal lobes near the vertex.
SMACC 2014 presentation Radiology Report: J Bloggs There is an area of hyperattenuation in the region of the basal ganglia. It extends into the internal capsule. The basal cisterns are patent.

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Definition of Basal cistern with photos and pictures, translations, sample usage, and additional links for more information. Medical Definition of Basal cistern 1. A dilation of the subarachnoid space in front of the pons, where the arachnoid membrane stretches across
Flow void
Flow voids seen in the basilar and left internal carotid arteries consistent with vascular patency. No flow void is seen in the right internal carotid consistent with extremely slow flow or occlusion. I believe that the fundamental purpose of an imaging report is to
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 · Vielleicht eher open oder patent? Ich weiß nicht, ob das mit “frei” gemeint ist. #3 Verfasser RGfan (503991) 27 Jul. 09, 17:08 Kommentar
Definition of Hydrocephalus ex-vacuo
Hydrocephalus ex-vacuo: What is termed “hydrocephalus ex-vacuo” occurs when there is damage to the brain caused by stroke or injury, and there may be an actual shrinkage of brain substance. Although there is more CSF than usual, the CSF pressure itself is

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It really means nothing. Depending on how old you are- as we age the brain shrinks and you see more fluid around the brain and the ventricles- the fluid spaces get a bit larger. In babies when their heads are big and the brain hasn’t grown into it

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Basal cisterns were patent in 18 patients (78.3%) and effaced in 5 patients (21.7%). Compression of 4 th ventricle was present in 4 patients (17.4%), and IVH was present in 4 patients (17.4%). Hydrocephalus was present in 6 patients (26.1%) [Table 3]. Table 3

[A case of fibromuscular dysplasia associated with intra- …

A case of fibromuscular dysplasia (FMD) with intra- and extracranial multiple aneurysms is reported. A 42-year-old woman was admitted to Kagawa Central Hospital with severe headache and stiffness of the neck. CT scan showed subarachnoid hemorrhage

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The following three patterns of endoscopic findings were observed: 1) reclosure of the ventriculostoma; 2) narrowing of the ventriculostoma; and 3) patent ventriculostoma with new arachnoid membranes in the basal cisterns below the floor of the third ventricle, not


On correlating the status of the basal cisterns with the age, it was evident that although there was a pattern of association of relatively clearer basal cisterns with advancing age, it certainly did not reach statistical significance (P = 0.0757).
Subdural hematoma
The ventricles, basal cisterns and cortical sulci are normal in size for the degree of brain atrophy. The calvarium, base of the skull and facial bones appear intact. The paranasal sinuses and mastoid air cells are patent.

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