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聶 遠,秦 嵐,溫德光 主演 吳謹言,2018年に動畫サービスiQIYIにて放送された中國のテレビドラマ。
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Interestingly, Ruyizhuan’s main character is Ruyi, who appears as Empress Ulanara in Yanxi Palace. You can see how different her story is when portrayed as the lead or villain. It reminds us why history is subjective and written by the victors.

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Yanxi Palace was streamed 15 billion times, but then China said it was bad for audiences. The story of Yanxi Palace, a drama about life in imperial China, broke records when it was released
Chen You Wei
Chen You Wei (陳宥維) was born on July 7, 1998 in China. Chen You Wei movies and tv shows: The Faded Light Years, The Eternal Love 2, Story of Yanxi Palace, The Story of Souls from Endless Books, Cinderella Chef

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 · The Story Of Yanxi Palace, co-produced by China’s biggest streaming platform iQiyi and production company Huanyu Film, garnered 530 million views …
“Story of Yanxi Palace” Spin-Off Starts Production
Hit Chinese drama Story of Yanxi Palace will be getting a spin-off and a sequel. The untitled spin-off of the original series, which has started production, is set during the reign of the Qianglong Emperor. A young woman known by the name Wei Yingluo (Wu Jinyan 吳謹言) finds her way into the palace to search for the truth behind her older sister’s death.

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Story of Yanxi Palace, a gripping tale of the power struggle among the emperor’s concubines, enthralled viewers from China and abroad and was streamed over 15 billion times in 2018. With its elaborate sets and costumes, as well as characters such the sharp-witted Wei Yingluo, genteel Empress Fucha Rongyin (Qin Lan) , and ruthless consort Xian (Charmaine Sheh), Yanxi Palace became a mega hit
Story of Yanxi Palace (2018) เล่ห์รักวังต้องห้าม
Story of Yanxi Palace (2018) เล ห ร กว งต องห าม ตอน 1 – 70 จบ ซ บไทย Story of Yanxi Palace (2018) เล ห ร กว งต องห าม ได สร างความสน กสนานและความบ นเท งให ก บชาวจ นท วประเทศตลอดระยะเวลาการฉาย
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With Herun Wang, Yizhe Wang, Wang Yuwei. Title: Yanxi Palace: Princess Adventures Chinese Title: 延禧攻略: 金枝玉葉 / Yan Xi Gong Lue: Jin Zhi Yu Ye Broadcast Website: Netflix Broadcast Date: December 31, 2019 Genre: Historical, History, Palace, Romance Language: Mandarin Episodes: 6 Production Company: Huanyu Film Origin: China Watch Episodes On: Netflix (eng subs) Love Meter …
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It seems like the popular Chinese historical drama Story of Yanxi Palace is gearing for a global audience once more with its spinoff, Yanxi Palace: Princess Adventures 金枝玉葉, coming to Netflix on December 31, 2019! Actress Wang Herun who played a supporting role in Yanxi Palace reinstates her role as Princess Zhaohua in a story that ultimately focuses on her life as the daughter of Wei


 · Its a really good drama, thanks for those on OH who recommended it to me. What I love about this drama is not just the filming quality+ soundtrack, but the plot was well developed and it didnt seem like just drama for the sake of drama. All the concubines in the
Story of Yanxi Palace (延禧攻略) Episode 21
 · Story of Yanxi Palace (延禧攻略) Episode 21 – 25 Recap Coincidentally, as the thief of the Buddhist crystal turned, the light from the fireworks was enough to make out who the thief was. The thief turned out to be Noble Lady Shu.

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延禧攻略 Story of Yanxi Palace File:延禧攻略.jpg 類型 古裝,原題,英題,譚 卓 國家/地區 中國 語言 普通話(原聲) 廣東話(配音) 集數 70集 每集長度 45分鐘 配樂 陳國樑 製作 製作人
『瓔珞<エイラク>〜紫禁城に燃ゆる逆襲の王妃〜』(えいらく しきんじょうにもゆるぎゃくしゅうのおうひ, 許 凱