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 · So, the cable on my old VSD3S died a few months ago. I could probably get a new jack and a solder kit, but I figured I might just replace them with the updated VSD3S instead for a little bit more. Looking through the last few pages, I get the impression that it’s a slight, but worthy upgrade if you liked the VSD3S already.

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 · Overall, VSD3S is bassier while Rio is more balanced and cleaner. RioS vs IM50 – IM50 mid-bass has more impact, lower mids are a bit thinner, and upper mids are a little more upfront, treble doesn’t extend as much. IM50 sound has more bass and mids have in
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I’m sure that there are also many other Vsonic IEMs that are quite good, but for the price, the VSD3S is a very good choice. $300 Spoiler Shure SE425: My favorite earphone of the entire Shure line. I haven’t heard the 846, nor the 315, but by all reports, the 846



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Uma de nossas opções com muita eficiência é VSonic VSD3s, apesar de ter um bom grave, são os médios deste fone que chamam atenção, pois In-ears que valorizam os médios costumam caprichar na percepção do detalhamento sonoro do que é ouvido.
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Headphone Cables: Audeze LCD-2 / LCD-3 / LCD-4 / LCD-X / LCD-XC headphone cable- Hifiman HE-300/400/500/560/4/6, HE-1000 headphone cable- AKG K702 / K812 / K480 headphone cable- Sennheiser HD800, HD700, HD580/HD600/HD650 headphone cable

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Hi Leute ich suche einen Over the Ear InEar der ein Warmesklangbild hat ins auge habe ich z.Z. die Shure SE215 und die Vsonc VSD3s gibts da noch was anderes schönes am besten mit BA-Treibern. Dein maximales Budget -> 150€ als obere Schmerzgrenze

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27.08.2018 – Kaufen VANTRUE E1 InEar Stereo Kopfhrer Sport Headset mit Mikrofon und Fernbedienung universal PC Handy verkabelt Headset fr iPhone Android Smartphone iPad iPod Tablet Laptop MP3Player 4 Ersatz Ohrstpsel
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Le Vsonic VSD3S: sei sui 58$ + spese su Amazon US (per la versione bella con il cavo staccabile). Ottime IEMs imho. Firma acustica decisamente V-shaped. Lievemente grandi e non comodissime per il mio orecchio, ma con ottime prestazione audio in
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Free 2-day shipping. Buy VSONIC VSD3S Black High Fidelity Professional Quality Stereo Inner-Ear Earphones at Walmart.com

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VSONIC VS3 ICEBERG Dynamic Driver HiFi In-ear Monitor Earphone VSD3S Upgrade Version with 2Pin 0.78mm Detachable Cable. Driver: 11mm (CCAW High dynamic Drive units). Cable : 1.30m. 1 …

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 · The VSD3 and VSD3S are twins that have been configured with slightly different sound signatures. The VSD3 is more balanced with better mids while the strong point of the VSD3S is said to be the Bass. The only difference in packaging is one sticker, but to be honest I don’t think anyone would mind which IEM they actually received as both have been excellently reviewed.

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 · (最左方被排擠的,解析不錯的推薦鐵三角CKB50,因為本體賣人了,本以為又是一個悲劇,為VSD3S附上的海綿塞。)最近在幫IM02找耳塞,ACG推薦CKR5is(帶線控),運動耳機推薦魅族EP51,耳塞倒是留下來了